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Getting a Used Breast Pump

on May 05, 2014 in Breastfeeding, Getting a Used Breast Pump

So you want or need a breast pump.  Maybe your best friend or sister-in-law offers you her “barely used” pump.  (I’ve heard that at least ten thousand times!)

What you may not know is that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration designate most pumps as either “single user” pumps or “multiple user” pumps.  Multiple user pumps are most often-clinical grade rental pumps.  These pumps have barriers, which keep milk out of the pump and are therefore safe for mothers to use with their own milk collection kit. A few other purchased pumps, like the Hygeia pump, PJ’s Pump, the Melodi Pump, and Bailey Medical’s Nurture III pump (a semiautomatic pump), have been designated as multiple-user pumps because they too have a barrier keeping milk from entering the pump.

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